BPA-Free Products

Posted on December 27, 2010


About two weeks ago, I wrote about the dangers of plastic and BPA. Today, I would like to present you with products and websites that allow you to make healthy choices. Hope this helps!


1.    National Geographic has a “Green Guide” that informs you about what kind of plastics to use and what not to, shopping tips on which products to buy, and usage tips on handling plastic containers. I found it very helpful.


2.    ShopNaturally sells Lock & Lock food containers that are BPA-free. It also sells other eco/health friendly products.

And dividers, too? How convenient!


3.    Good Housekeeping has a list of BPA-free reusable water bottles that you can check out and maybe buy one for yourself? Blisstree is another website that shows you BPA-free water bottle options. In my opinion, the selections at Blisstree are prettier than those from Good Housekeeping.

KOR ONE Hydration Vessels


4.    Easylunchboxes.com sells BPA-free plastic lunch containers. These would be a great and safe way to pack lunch for your children.


5.    FitSugar shows how you can pack your food in BPA-free way with some creative and innovative products.


6.    Two big corporations are selling BPA-free food containers. I’m impressed that Rubbermaid and Pyrex have invested in selling safer products for its consumers. Rubbermaid kindly lists its products that are BPA-free. With Pyrex, since the container itself is made out of glass, its rubber lids are BPA-free.



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