Organic/Natural Skincare: Brought to You by Models

Posted on January 26, 2011


As the consumption of organic foods grow, there has been an equal increase and interest in organic/natural cosmetics. As I have mentioned in a previous blog entry, Saffron Rouge is just one of the many stores from which you can buy organic/natural skincare products. And it’s not just cosmetic companies and dermatologists jumping into the market. Some models have taken their time off from the glitz and glamor of the fashion world to create organic/natural skincare lines. Turns out, models can do more than just walk down the runway in 10-inch heels looking fabulous. These multitasking-business-savvy-women are Gisele Bundchen of Sejaa, Miranda Kerr of Kora, and Josie Maran of Josie Maran. These women are not only gifted with good genes but they all endorse a healthy lifestyle (whether it be through exercise, good food, and a positive mindset) and are all mothers. Now they are true jugglers.

I’m sure everyone knows who Bundchen is. She has become the epitome of healthy-sexy woman with her sporty and active poses on fashion editorials and her fierce struts down Victoria’s Secret runways. She had said in a magazine interview that she used to have an unhealthy lifestyle (she was a heavy smoker). But this all changed a few years ago and, if you go to her website, you can see that she has embraced a love-your-life-and-body type of mantra. This is how Sejaa describes itself: “Driven by the desire to develop a line of pure and natural skincare, Gisele also wanted to create products with as little impact on the environment as possible. Using all-natural ingredients, calming fragrances, thoughtful packaging and recycled paper, Sejaa Pure Skincare was born.” I like that she has focused on creating something safe for the skin as well as for the environment.

A fellow Victoria’s Secret angel, Miranda Kerr has her share of fame being the wife of Orlando Bloom and with the recently revealing picture of her breast-feeding her baby having gone viral (in my opinion, it was major TMI). I think that there are two types of models in the fashion/modeling industry. One is the kind of model whose diet consists of cigarettes and caffeine to maintain her skinny figure. The other is a model whose slim and toned figure was achieved through exercise and healthy diet sans cigs. I always felt that Kerr was the latter and, indeed, my guess was correct. Here, she introduces her product and its mission: “KORA Organics is a reflection of my passion for living a healthy, organic lifestyle. I began developing the KORA Organics Skincare range with a team of experts about three years ago. Due to loving and appreciating all things natural and organic, I was very selective and wanted to make sure we used the highest quality plant derived and organic ingredients… [The brand’s mission is] To inspire people globally to nurture their bodies, embrace their unique beauty and understand the benefits of using organic skincare.”

Last but not least is Josie Maran who was an international spokes-model for the popular brand Maybelline for an unprecedented ten years. I didn’t know who she was mostly because she’s not active as a model currently (although with a ten-year contract with Maybelline, I would say that she had a very successful modeling career). It seems like she’s now focusing on her line that not only sells skincare products but also sells make-up and hair products. I was impressed with the detailed ingredient listing on her website. I felt that she was honest about her line and made me, as a customer, feel safe and much more willing to purchase. This is her introduction: “As a top model, Josie learned about makeup from the best in the business. While world-famous makeup artists worked their magic on her, she paid attention…She learned what works and what doesn’t, which ingredients to seek out and which to avoid. Over time, Josie noticed a hole in the market. It was hard to find products that matched her approach to life – products that are pure and gentle, that contain no toxins or ingredients that damage the planet. The philosophy of Josie Maran Cosmetics comes from Josie herself. It’s a balance of her low maintenance, go-with-the-flow attitude and her refined, worldly taste.”

There may be many reasons why the above mentioned products are great. The most important thing, however, seems like their desire to establish an honest and open relationship with consumers.



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