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Welcome to HealthSmart!

The main purpose of th is blog is to provide food related information so that people can make safe and healthy choices. But because we ingest food, topic of health is inevitable. To give you an idea of what this blog will focus on, here are just a few topics that I’m planning to explore—USDA organic standard, plastic bottle and its health effects, use of antibiotics, frying pan and its safety, eco products. As you can see, it’ll be a combination of food and health issues.

I decided to create this blog not because I’m an expert in the abovementioned topics but because I’m curious about them. I love organic food. My father, on the other hand, doesn’t really care whether the zucchini has an organic seal or not. He thinks I’m naïve for thinking that whatever organic is good and believes that there’s not much difference between products grown under USDA regulation and those that aren’t. I always reply by saying that in comparison to non-organic, organic is better. I used to search how organic products are different and what constitutes ‘organic.’ Recently, I was reading up on antibiotic practices on animals by farmers. While I was getting flood of information (most of which I believe are useful), I thought it would be nice for others to know as well. In addition, I wanted a forum where I could express my opinion. As much as this blog is about my providing information to others, it’s also a work-in-progress in that I’m still learning and grappling with terms, issues, ideas.

As I scribble my thoughts, I hope you can benefit at least a little from it!

I have split my blog entries into four categories.

Food – This category will cover anything about food standard, food labeling, ingredients, and more.

Beauty – This category will cover anything relating to beauty (natural/organic hair, face, body products, and more)

Everyday Things – This category will cover how everyday products in our lives affect our health.

Miscellaneous – This category will cover anything not about food, beauty, and everyday things. This can be as random as my thoughts on Glee.

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